Susteinable Campus:

Project that born with a systemic approach to achieve a sustainable campus, which includes the synergy of 9 lines of action represented by groups EMI's, under the coupling of a guided strategic planning by objectives, with the purpose of caring for our environment, making profitable processes and create awareness in our institution about of recycling processes, inputs and saving energy in mind future generations.

The Sustainable Campus Project is composed of the following lines action depending on the profile can be implemented by certain careers or people who have the taste to develop a new area.


Sustainable Campus Managment System
Acction Lines 
Acction Line Profile EMI´s Group
1. Communication, difusion and Events: Responsible for performing the awareness, enculturation and difusion of all that is done in the CampusManagement System Sutent (SGCS). LCC – LEM – LCMD
Michelle Luján de Preparatoria
2.Sustainable technology: A process of seeking state of the art of sustainable processes, based on research and information technology. All
Preferable: ITC, 
3. Water and energy conservation, emissions control and control of solid waste: Elaboration of projects based in saving energy resources, environmental stewardship and recycling. All IBT, Scienza, Impulsa Verde, Futuro Verde, PrepaPel.
4. Change Management ("Green Building" Analysis and restructuring for buildings with a sustainable approach. IC- ARQ  
5. Compliance: Check the projects that fit with the regulations of national and international certification.



6. Induction, Placement, Training and Involvement for new members: Individuals in this group is responsible for training new people on the system of sustainable management,as well as attracting new members.



7. Sponsorship and links to green companies:
Find businesses interested in projects for funding, as well as having links with other institutions to share experiences.
8. Management and Internal Audit: Training internal auditors, which will verify the correct operation of projects to work, make feedback for continuous improvement.



9. Sustainable Indicators: graphing and interpreting results to achieve an international certification and then share the results with other campuses or communities.




I´m Sustainable….. and you??

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