Research Lines:


Materials Science Area:

Sintering by Hot pressing method for obtaining porous material and metal foams by Zinag alloy.
Development of ECAP to reduce characteristic size of grain, in order to develop a material to test the optimal process of severe plastic deformation (SPD) to avoid losses in the material and processing defects.
Superplastic Forming for analysis and development of new technologies in automotive applications for aerodynamic geometries.
Extrusion key for commercial uses focused on the automotive and household industry.
Design a team of superplasticity to deform ceramic nanomaterials based translucent Zirconia.
Melt Spinning
Vortex Method
Zinagizado: Materials Covering.

Silver Superplastic: Implementation on electronic components and forming sheets. Called Cuplagsa


Medical Area:

Design and manufacture of neonatal hydrocephalus valve

Hyaluronic Hydroxyapatite: Design and manufacture of biocompatible implants for reconstructive surgery.

Consolidation of medical devices and prosthesis by Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), using the FDM and SLM technologies.


Sustainable Area:

Plastic Crusher for PET
Production of Biodiesel from Oil

Ecological Cement from recycled materials (Marble and PET)

Organically enriched electrochemical process and / or inorganically a pozzolanic material for plant nutrition.