Said Robles Casolco Ph.D

Said Robles Casolco: Ph.D in materials science. Is a member of the National System of Researchers in Mexico, with current assignment level 1, 2011 to 2017.

He earned his Ph.D. at the UNAM Mexico in conjunction with the UCM-Spain. He made two postdoctoral stances at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, he was working in the area of nanostructured ceramic materials.

Casolco Ph.D, has developed 4 patents in the European Union, 21 patents and 8 trademarks in Mexico in the manufacturing area. He also has 13 articles in international journals, 30 publications in national and international conferences, 10 theses directed, 9 of Bachelor Degree and 4 of Master of Science.

In the educational area has an experience of 13 years. His current research interest focuses principal in superplastic materials and nanomaterials.


    Adrianni Zanatta Alarcón Eng.

Mechatronics Engineering and Intellectual Property Specialization at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla.

National Youth Award 2014, Category: Science and Technology. Highest distinction awarded by the Mexican government to youth.

Now he is studying a master's degree at Politecnico di Milano in Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Innovative Technology 2013.

He is working with Metal Matrix Nanocomposites (MMnC), Aluminum Matrix Composites reinforced with GNP's and SiC, consolidated with unconventional powder Metallurgy Route (Additive Manufacturing - Selective Laser Melting).

A. Zanatta, has developed 20 patents and 8 trademarks in Mexico in the manufacturing area. He also has 30 articles in international journals, 10 publications in national and international conferences.


    MSc Andrés Ramírez Portilla

* His educational background includes: BSc in Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering (Tec de Monterrey-Mexico City), Specialization in International Business and Strategic Management (UBC-Vancouver), Postgraduate certificate in Management (LSBF-London) and a triple degree MSc in Strategic Project Management (Heriot Watt University-Edinburgh, Scotland, Politecnico di Milano-Milan, Italy, and Umeá University-Umeá, Sweden).

* His research interests span across topics such as Innovation Management, Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Energy Management.


    MSc Brenda Viveros-Eulogio

* Her research interests span across topics such as Design Thinking, Sustainable Development, Strategic Design, Industrial Design and Innovation Management.

* Her educational background includes: BA in Industrial Design (UAM-Mexico City), MSc in Sustainable Development (Tec de Monterrey-Mexico City), and a Masters in Strategic Design (Politecnico di Milano).